Home Infusion


Patient Education

Visit our Patient Education Center for a complete list of equipment user guides, instructional videos, and other educational resources.

Home Infusion

Our home infusion therapies combine the services of our pharmacy with skilled, caring infusion professionals. This experienced team provides your intravenous infusion therapy and specialty injection medications safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home. Home infusion therapy began in the early 1980’s when new medical technologies made it possible for patients to receive their intravenous medications at home, without a costly hospital visit.

Advantages to Home Infusion:

  • Continuity of care from hospital to home
  • Clinical monitoring by experienced professionals
  • Patient and caregiver can resume most daily activities
  • Decreased need for hospitalization and associated costs
  • Clinical education and active participation in the recovery process

Infusion Therapies

Antibiotics, Anti-Fungal & Anti-viral 
Treatment to eliminate infection

Treatment to reduce inflammation or swelling

Treatment to increase amount of fluid in the body

Treatment to improve the action of the heart

IV catheter care
Supplies, flushing solution and dressings to keep a catheter open and clean

Pain Management 
Treatment for chronic conditions to restore or manage quality of life, Intravenous and Subcutaneous


Supplying all of the daily nutritional requirements for both adults and children. Treatment that gives nutrition through a catheter in a vein.


Medications for patients of all ages who receive high-cost specialty injectable treatments for various chronic disease states

Admissions & Insurance Process

What to expect from Hospital to Home

Here are some typical steps:

  1. A physician determines the home care services needed for a safe care plan.
  2. A hospital care manager or clinical staff works with the physician and advises the family about home care provider options.
  3. National Pharmacy is contacted to help you through the admissions process. This includes getting insurance information and a thorough evaluation of your history and needs for the home.
  4. Our Intake Pharmacists, Clinical Education Specialists, and Billing Specialists are assigned to your case to determine coverage and patient out of pocket responsibility.
  5. Our clinicians make arrangements with the patient or caregiver for the training of home equipment and therapy, delivery, and set-up.
  6. In-hospital training will be done with the family to ensure familiarity and comfort with all equipment and therapies.
  7. The patient is discharged from the hospital to his or her home.
  8. Communication is ongoing between National Pharmacy and the family, physician, and other health care partners to help the patient adapt properly. Our team members communicate regularly to asses progress and re-order supplies.

National Pharmacy’s ownership and management are local to Louisiana and Mississippi and are able to make decisions quickly, eager to provide resources, and pilot new cost saving measures with industry partners. We are excited about what the future holds and our continued desire and ability to service the residents of Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Additional Ways We Can Help

Pre-Discharge Assessment

A registered nurse will meet with you in the hospital prior to going home to ensure that home infusion therapy is an appropriate method of treatment

Insurance Verification

Pharmacokinetic Dosing

Lab Monitoring

Regular Monitoring of Patient Progress

24hr Call Service

Coordination with Home Health Agencies


Arrange for first dosing

If you have not had this medication before we will make arrangements for you to receive it for the first time in a safe environment 

Other specialty therapies

We will consider providing any prescribed medicine if there is a process for giving it safely at home